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Bikes are terrestrial vehicle on two wheels driven by a driver using his strength to pedal. That you probably know by now, and you probably knew that with the help of bikes you'll not only save fuel but will help preserve your health. Bikes that we have in our offer various brands and we have our bikes guy Scout and Explorer.
Venerabike is one of the leading companies in Serbia, whose main business is selling bikes and parts and accessories for your bike.Venerabike bicikle

Parts for bicycles

Parts for bicycles are crucial when it comes to the quality of certain bikes. We offer over 2000 various parts of the bikes. In addition to items in our offer is and bicycle equipment. Request our catalog of parts and accessories for bicycles za 2009. year, or contact us and enter our online catalog where you can submit your order online. With our logistics chain covered the whole of Serbia - parts and deliver our products in a very short time the whole territory of Serbia.

If you are into repairing bikes? It is not necessary to have a large stock - it is enough to have a reliable supplier of parts and accessories for bicycles as we are. Call us and see for yourself.

Promo Material

We offer a variety of advertising and material (pens, lighters, diaries, key) is ideal as a business gift. This site is dedicated to bicycles and bicycle parts. If you are interested in business gifts we offer visit our website: www.venerapromo.com .

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